The Word Search game more fascinating for your smartphone!

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Word Search Online game for smartphone.

Word Search Online

Some features of the word game!

Word Search Online game for smartphone.


Available for Android and iPhone. In addition to iPad, iPod and tablets.

Compete Online

Challenge rivals from around the world (and part of the Galaxy). Who will be the best?

Daily Leagues

Every day you will be able to cempete in leagues of 10 users, to obtain large quantities of gems.


Open gifts by exchanging gems and get more than 200 flags and characters!


Word Search Online Free is here! This is a game to play with the family, you will have a good time and develop your mental agility. A classic that can not be missing in your free puzzle games collection! In word Search Online you will be able to face players from all over the world in fast games, where the highest score will be obtained by finding words in the puzzle board for a minute and a half. The words found point according to the number of letters that form it. A 5 letter word will generate 5 points on your score. When the time is over, the one who has scored the most points wins. It is a mental challenge for adults and children. A different free word search where you can compete online. This mental game has more than 10,000 words. The puzzle board consists of six hidden words, once found the puzzle will be restarted with six new words to search on 8x8 boards.


Each day will be held leagues of 10 players online in which you can win large amounts of gems. With them you can get new characters and flags to be able to equip in your online games.


After centuries of space battles to take control of the precious gem-generating planets, the United Planets Organization (UPO) has decided to install a new law with the purpose to maintain the order of the universe, the gem extractors will be played in thrilling puzzles of word search without any use of violence. The loser of the battle must leave the planet immediately giving it to the winner. If you like the puzzles of Word search, you will love this game! Get it for Free!

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